Fumiya Kindo (金道フミヤ, Kindō Fumiya; ; ; ) is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst GT. He is Ichika's brother.

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So far it's shown that Fumiya's personality is sort of like Suoh's in a way. Normally he's aloof, taunting, flashy and dramatic of his own power; while the other side of him speaks in quite an aggressive and stern tone to even his sister when he gets emotional. He's shown to be somewhat over-confident in battle and outside of battle too and also quite stand-offish towards the Victories. It is also shown that he's quite cocky.

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  • Ratchet Drain: While an opponent attacks Fafnir's disc the Ratchet Disc absorbs the opponent's attack.
  • Wizard Blow: When Fafnir lands on the rim of its Rise Performance Tip, it gets a speed boost, allowing it to deal more damage as well as increasing its stamina. This is similar to Silas Karlisle's Roller Drift.
  • Wizard Spin:

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Beyblade Burst GT
Opponent Episode Result
Drum Koryu 03 Win (1-0)
Amane Kusaba 03 Win (1-0)
Drum Koryu 05-06 Lose (1-2)

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Amane is Fumiya's rival and because he's a member of the Victories, they're also distant to each together.

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Ichika is Fumiya's sister

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  • It is unknown of how he got Fafnir, as it was previously owned by Free De La Hoya.
  • Fumiya is the first character introduced in GT who is left-handed.

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