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Union Achilles Cn Xtend+ Retsu (ユニオンアキレス・Cn・エクステンドプラス・烈, Yunion Akiresu Cn Ekusutendo Purasu Retsu; ; ; ) is a Balance-Type Beyblade released as part of the Burst System as well as the Gatinko Layer System. It was released as a Booster in Japan on September 21st, 2019.

Gatinko Chip - Achilles[]


Layer Weight - Retsu[]


Layer Base - Union[]


Forge Disc - Cn[]


Performance Tip - Xtend+[]

Modèle:Part Xtend+ is an add-on to the Xtend Performance Tip. Unlike its predecessor, Xtend+ does not feature a manual height change gimmick but instead features an adjustable tip at a standard height with three settings; Attack, Defense and Stamina, akin to X Drive from Metal Fight Beyblade.

The Attack Setting features a wide, hollow flat tip, wider than Assault and akin to Zephyr at the standard height of most Performance Tips. Due to the surface area of this setting, Xtend+ will create a highly aggressive movement pattern with speeds greater than Assault. However, the wide diameter of the tip makes it difficult to maintain a banking pattern and creates relatively low stamina, making the setting ill-suited for both traditional Attack and Tornado Stalling combinations.

The Defense Setting features a low angle, stepped cone tip, akin to X Drive's Stern Semi Defense at the standard height of most Performance Tips. Due to the stepped cone, when an Xtend+ combination is struck and reaches higher on the Stadium's slope, the flat edge of the tip will create a second point of contact, briefly increasing friction and aggression to both slow down the combination and counter attack. However, due to the edge of the tip being made of plastic rather than rubber like in Unite and smooth rather than tabbed like in Defense, the effect of the second point of contact is minimal, creating poor Knock-Out resistance.

The Stamina Setting features a low angle cone tip, akin to Trans' Stamina Setting at a lower height than most Performance Tips. Due to the low friction, Xtend+ creates acceptable stamina. Of the three settings, Stamina has the best performance.

In all three settings, the tip's low angled base and wide diameter grant Xtend+ high Life-After-Death potential, comparable to Eternal, Atomic and Bearing.



Takara Tomy[]



Control Art[]



  • Like the Japanese namesake of its predecessors Z Achilles A4 11 Xtend, Z Achilles A4 11 Xtend+ and Turbo Achilles A4 00 Dimension, Union Achilles' name is based on the word "union", the action of joining or being joined, and Achilles, a Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War and was the greatest warrior and central character in Homer's Iliad.