BeyWheelz: Powered by Beyblade,[1] commonly referred to as BeyWheelz is a anime mini-series based on the side-toyline, Hasbro toyline, BeyWheelz. It was commissioned by Nelvana and is produced by Synergy SP and d-rights.

The series does not follow the current, Metal Saga and instead takes place in a completely different universe where Bladers are called Wheelers and use BeyWheelz, fly-wheel versions of existing Beyblades.

It was created due to the fact, Beyblade: Metal Fury was cut to thirteen minutes beginning with its 27th episode, The Lion Going Into The Wilderness in order to share its time-slot with Cross Fight B-Daman. With this as a backdrop, all international versions of Metal Fury will consist of 39 thirty-minute episodes with BeyWheelz as an extra 13-episodes to finish off the series with 52 episodes.

It premiered on August 11, 2012 on wikipedia:Cartoon Network at 9:00 AM with its first two episodes, New Generation and The Dominators Attack!.