4D Bottom: Final Survive (F:S)

  • Weight: 5.7 grams

Final Survive acts as a Hole Flat/Sharp, but is automatic, and uses centrifugal force to switch modes. Its a supposed upgraded version of the HF/S performance tip. At first it performs like a Hole Flat and then switch to a Sharp when it starts to lose its Stamina. The Final Survive 4D Bottom may also cause the Bey to crash on the stadium's walls so that it could hit the opposing Bey in the middle or anywhere else in the stadium. When switched to S with L-Drago Destructor's Absorb mode, it is supposed to become a powerful tank, because of L-Drago Destructor's left spinning ability and the rubber, it can steal spin from other beys. However, it does not absorb much on S mode as it has little friction to steal spin as it absorbs spin better on HF. It is supposed to be the opposite of F:D.

Attack: 4 - Defense: 0 - Stamina: 3

Bottom4d fs img Bottom4d fs img2

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