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4D System (4(フォー)D(ディー)システム, Fō Dī Shisutemu) was the third series of 2nd generation Beyblade tops released by Takara-Tomy following their Hybrid Wheel System. This system featured Beyblade tops with Fusion Wheels that could be reconfigured in different positions for different performance modes. Some examples of the new 4D beys include Cosmic Pegasus, L-Drago Destructor, Variares D:D, Fusion Hades AD145SWD, and more.






This system was very successful in having the new system's mode change theme but still retaining what made the hybrid wheel system successful and loved by many.


  • The 4D System was never officially re-branded by Hasbro with most 4D System Beyblades they did release going under their Hyperblades toyline.


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