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The 4D System (4(フォー)D(ディー)システム, Fō Dī Shisutemu) was the third series of Beyblade Metal Saga tops released by Takara Tomy following the Hybrid Wheel System. This system featured Beyblade tops with Fusion Wheels that could be reconfigured in different positions for different performance modes. This system was succeeded by the Synchrome System.

4D System Beyblades were later released by Hasbro in the Beyblade: Metal Fury toyline as Hyperblades.


The 4D System design was based on four principles set by Takara Tomy: "Different Material", "Divided Wheel", "Dynamic Drive", and "Deep Custom". Like the previous Hybrid Wheel System, the 4D System consists mostly of the same components. However, 4D parts consist of gimmicks that either separate or combine components to form parts. For example, the 4D Fusion Wheel Cosmic consists of three parts: the PC Frame, Metal Frame, and Core. This allows the part to facilitate mode changes. The 4D Bottom Final Drive (F:D) also has two modes that change during battle - it also combines the functions of a Spin Track and Performance Tip into one.