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This article is about the first Original Series system. For the first Metal Series system, see Metal System.

The 4 Layer System (4層構造システム, 4 Sō Kōzō Shisutemu) is the colloquial name used by English fans to refer to the first Beyblade system of the Original Series, and the first Beyblade system overall. It was succeeded by the Spin Gear System.

As Takara never gave this system an official name, it is also referred to by Japanese fans as the Initial Type (初期型, Shokikei) Beyblades of the Original Series. Hasbro releases, as well as contemporary Takara sources, retroactively refer to Beyblades of this system as part of the succeeding Spin Gear System.


The English colloquial name emerged from a translation of the description on the back of Japanese boxes, which read "The 4 layer structure makes it easy to assemble and customize! (4層構造で組立・改造がカンタンにできるぞ!). Spin Gear System boxes also referred to the system as a "5 layers system (5層構造システム, 5 Sō Kōzō Shisutemu; 5 layer structure system)", hence the retroactive application to previously released Beyblades. Similarly, Japanese Hard Metal System boxes also referred to the system as a "four layer system (4層構造システム, 4 Sō Kōzō Shisutemu; 4 layer structure system)".

All 4 Layer System Beyblades were released by Takara as part of the Next Generation Beigoma Battle: Beyblade toyline, and those released by Hasbro were part of their first toyline titled simply Beyblade.


The 4 Layer System consists of four components: the Character Chip (with Chip Protector), the Attack Ring, the Weight Disk, and the Blade Base. All Beyblades in this system follow the same homogeneous structure. Hasbro releases refer to the Character Chip and Chip Protector as the Bit Chip and Bit Protector respectively.

Character Chip

Attack Ring

Weight Disk

Blade Base