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A Better Place is the Italian & Japanese ending theme for BeyWheelz.




You got the world in the palm of your hands,

yeah you're a dreamer with big plans!

And if that clouds should darken your day,

well, you'll just smile and blow them away!

You make the world a better place! (X4)

You'll always go that extra mile

it's what you do that makes me smile

yeah you're the one there is no doubt

now listen up world when I shout!

You make the world a better place! (X4)

Yeah you're reaching for the top!

Until you get there, you'll never stop!

You make the world a better place! (X4)


  • This is the first Beyblade Ending to feature theme variations in every episode. The content shown inside Soaring Wing Pegasus changes each episode to show highlights from that episode.


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