Absorb Break (アブソーブブレイク, Abusōbu Bureiku) is a Special Move used by Free De La Hoya and his Geist Fafnir 8'Proof Absorb.


When Geist Fafnir gets pushed down by the opposing Beyblade, the Absorb driver's spring gets pushed down, making contact with the stadium floor and increasing Fafnir's speed. Fafnir then strikes the opponent with a powerful counterattack, causing major damage. This can also be done if Free launches with all his strength, causing Fafnir to spin at an extremely high speed and attack the opposing Beyblade at the start of the battle.



  • This move shares traits with Free's Nothing Break, as both moves involve having the spring of Fafnir's Performance Tip push downward to alter it in such a way that it greatly increases their speed in order to deliver a powerful counterattack. They both even have "Break" in their names.


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