Achilles (アキレス, Akiresu) in Japan, is the deuteragonist of the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Turbo.


Achilles' appearance is that of the avatar for Z Achilles, wielding a sword and shield with the Achilles symbol. When corrupted by Phi's dark power alongside Aiger, his eyes turned from yellow to purple and he generates a multiple shades of purple and black aura to signify his corruption. In Turbo Achilles' case, his eyes are now in green color and his avatar is the same but with several alterations: The helmet appears more knight-like with a comb at the top. A yellow border, a blue shield-shaped gem. A red faceplate with silver lining in the upper section and yellow lining on the bottom. Amber plating on his helmet's sides. The yellow crest with the blue gem on the chest now has two-pronged on each side and the gem is now smaller and hexagonal with an amber shield-style lining around the gem. The silver portion of the tunic armor is now red. His abdominal armor is now silver. The silver borders on the armor kilt is now yellow. The pauldrons now have a blue-raspberry colored plating on the base and the multi-pronged edge of the pauldrons are now two-pronged. The red lining on the edge of each vambrace is now silver with a yellow bordered blue gem at the center. The wrist section of each vambrace now has a yellow ring and a yellow-bordered red square at the back of his hand. The shield is now elongated and circular with a blue-raspberry border and a blue-raspberry "V"-shaped wide gem at the lower end, more red with a diamond-style blue gem at the top with a silver plate underneath him with an amber border, that follows the lining of the shield's upper blue-raspberry border, surrounding him and the blue gem. And the sword's blade is now silver with a blue-raspberry border, a yellow gem near the tip, four dark-gray patterns in the blade's base, the blue cross-style gem is now replaced with a red orb, and the gray wing-style hilt is now two-winged with the upper one yellow and the lower one amber.





Aiger Akabane



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