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This article is about the Takara Tomy release. For the Hasbro release, see Anubion A2 Yell Orbit.
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Acid Anubis Yell Orbit (アシッドアヌビス・エール・オービット, Ashiddo Anubisu Ēru Ōbitto) is a Defense Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dual Layer System. It was released as a Booster in Japan on February 18th, 2017 for 972円.

Energy Layer - Acid Anubis

Main article: Energy Layer - Acid Anubis

Takara Tomy's Acid Anubis is a round and slim Energy Layer designed for Defense. The center of the Layer depicts a jackal like its namesake; the Egyptian god of the afterlife, Anubis.

Consisting of a colored, six segmented bottom layer and a clear, six pointed top layer, every segment of the bottom layer has four small protrusions and each gap between the segments is filled in with one of the points of the top layer.

Due to the round design of the Layer, Acid Anubis has little recoil and decent Defensive properties and its weight distribution gives the Layer a strong Flywheel Effect and Stamina. Furthermore, the small bumps on Acid Anubis allows for some degree of Destabilization akin to Dark Deathscyther. However, Acid Anubis' Burst Resistance lags behind Wyvern and Neptune due to the average teeth and lack of deflectional blades.

Forge Disc - Yell

Main article: Forge Disc - Yell

Yell features a ring with a wide diameter, greater than Spread and equal to Polish, and a thick metal star in the center to create a centralized weight, akin to Central. The centralized weight is meant to increase spin velocity which has numerous effects on Performance:

If used on Attack Combinations, the higher spin velocity will increase the force of impact. If used on Defense Combinations, the centralized weight will increase Knock-Out Resistance.

Combined with the wide, circular perimeter and the raised position of the ring, Yell will also grant high Life-After-Death and increase Precession time. However, the centralized weight creates numerous drawbacks as well:

The centralized weight will reduce movement speed in Attack Combinations making it ill-suited for Mobile Combinations and the lack of Outward Weight Distribution (OWD) gives Defense and Stamina Combinations poor spin retention.

Performance Tip - Orbit

Main article: Performance Tip - Orbit

Orbit features a free rotating plastic ball tip with a diameter equal to Massive, surrounded by a three tabbed ring. In theory, the wider tip would increase a Beyblade's Knock-Out Defense by having greater surface area and friction, however, in practice the free rotating nature of the ball reduces most of the Knock-Out Resistance given by the surface area of the ball. Like other ball based Defense Performance Tips, the tabs around Orbit are meant to act as brakes against Knock-Outs at the cost of Stamina by striking against the stadium floor, however, the large diameter makes such contact rare. If hard launched, Orbit creates an aggressive movement pattern early in the battle, bringing the Beyblade to the Tornado Ridge.

While these features may imply that Orbit-based Combinations would be easy to Knock-Out, in reality the heavy weight of SwitchStrike/God Layers and Core Discs compensate for the rotating ball. Furthermore, the free rotating tip increases the Burst Resistance of an Orbit-based Combination and Orbit consistently has a stronger spring lock than Atomic which further improves Burst Resistance.

In addition to the Defense properties, Orbit also features high Stamina as the free rotating nature reduces friction with the stadium floor, the wide ball tip keeps a Combination stable and thus prevents scraping.



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  • Acid Anubis is based on "acid" and Anubis, the lord of the undead in Egyptian mythology, which is enforced by the bey's avatar: a humanoid jackal with Egyptian-style head gear and armor.
  • Acid Anubis was the last Dual Layer System release before the God Layer System came out.
  • This is the second Burst Beyblade to be based off an Egyptian god; the first being Holy Horusood Upper Claw.