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Advance Eterner is a Stamina-type Beyblade implementing the Hard Metal System. It was released in Japan on June 26th, 2004.

Bit Protector: Hard Metal Emblem[]

Main article: Bit Protector - Hard Metal Emblem

The Bit Protector is the Hard Metal Emblem. It is the first mold version of Bit Protectors.

Attack Ring: Advance Survivor[]

Main article: Attack Ring - Advance Survivor
  • Weight: 18 grams

The ABS Caul is composed of a symmetrical circular piece with four spikes which extend outwards between the four metal projections. These are often worn down through extended use, although this does not affect the Attack Ring’s usability.

This AR has a reversible metal sub ring, which is perfectly circular with four small rounded protrusions, making it perfect for Survival and Spin Stealing. By removing the top plastic portion of the AR, the ABS Caul, and reversing the metal sub ring, the orientation of these four notches can be reversed, hence making it suitable for both Right and Left Spin customisations. This is especially useful in Spin Stealing customisations, as highlighted below.

Use in Spin Stealing Customization[]

Advance Survivor is a good Attack Ring for Spin Stealing, with its round shape and small protrusions, which help to steal spin:

Advance Survivor’s configuration should have the rounded edge facing the Spin Direction: for example, if using Advance Survivor in Left Spin, the rounded edge should be facing counter-clockwise.

Select your RC depending on the situation. If you expect to see more Attackers and older Stadiums or Tornado Balance Type S, you should select Bearing Core 2 to prevent knock out. If you expect to see Defense or Survival type Beyblades and Stadiums like Tornado Balance or Tornado Attack, you should select Bearing Core as it has better survival than Bearing Core 2.

Weight Disk: Circle Wide[]

Main article: Weight Disk - Circle Wide

Weight: 14 grams

Circle Wide is the largest but also the lighter of the three original HMS Weight Disks. It forms a perfect circle and the distribution of its mass is favourable to endurance and attack combos. It is benefit to endurance combos, as the remote mass axis increases the spin velocity. For attack combos, its light weight increases the speed and movement of the combo and places the weight on the projections of the Ring.

Mold Variation []

A heavier Circle Wide is included with the Takara version of Draciel MS. The increase weight varies between 0.5 g and 0.7 g and its effects are beneficial: This molding is preferred to the original in all circumstances.

The slots for sliding the metal disc on the running core are slightly smaller on the Sonokong versions Circle Heavy, Circle Balance and CircleWide as those of Takara and Hasbro. Taking into account the normal variations of the size of the weight disks , it means that the Sonokong Discs would fit more easily on the running core or will be incompatible.

Use In Endurance Combo[]

AR: Advance Survivor (Advance Eterner)

WD: Circle Wide

RC: Bearing Core (Wolborg MS)

Use in Attack Combo[]

AR: Slash Upper (Slash Riger MS)

WD: Circle Wide

RC: Grip Flat Core (Dragoon MS)

Running Core: Metal Sharp Core[]

Main article: Running Core - Metal Sharp Core
  • Weight: 4 grams

Metal Sharp Core features a metal tip, as its name suggests, with a pointed tip. This allows the Beyblade to stay in the centre of the Stadium, with very little or no movement. Metal Sharp is primarily a Survival RC, although it is often overlooked in favour of Wolborg MS's Bearing Core. Initially released with Wyvern DJ, it was seen as a high RPM improvement over Sharp Core, due to its metal tip, therefore preventing high friction. The metal material also increases durability, while its tip shape also helped to alleviate the balance problem of Sharp Core. Metal Sharp Core has good survival due to the lack of friction between the tip and the Stadium floor, and is relatively good at retaining its balance.

Use in Survival Customization[]

Due to the survival Metal Sharp Core can achieve, it is often seen as a good alternative to Bearing Core and Bearing Core 2:

  • AR: Advance Balancer (Advance Averazer)
  • WD: Circle Wide
  • RC: Metal Sharp Core


  • Light blue - HMS Random Booster ACT 4
  • Kaki green - HMS Random Booster ACT 4


Advance Eterner has a number of useful parts. Its Running Core, Metal Sharp Core, is the best alternative to Bearing-based Running Cores for Survival, while its Attack Ring, Advance Survivor, is a great choice for Spin Stealing and Survival customizations; the ability to reverse the Metal Frame to suit the Spin Direction is a clever and welcome addition.