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Aero Pegasus 3-70A (エアロペガサス3-70A, Earo Pegasasu Surī Sebuntī Akuseru) is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy. It was released as a Rare Bey Get Battle Prize Booster in Japan on 2024, and in other Asian countries later in the year.

Through the Beyblade X app, Bladers have a 0.7% chance of obtaining a "Rare Bey Exchange Ticket", which can be then redeemed with the local distributor.

Blade - Aero Pegasus

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Aero Pegasus is a three-sided Attack Type Blade with three curved upward slanting blades acting as the main contact points. Aero Pegasus is a reference to Beyblades from Metal Fight Beyblade, in this case being the Pegasis line of Beyblades. The Gear Chip features the side profile of Pegasus, a winged horse from Greek mythology and one of the 88 constellations in space. The Gear Chip has a diamond/hexagonal shape in the background that appears to be referencing "Face Bolt" parts from Metal Fight Beyblade.

Aero Pegasus also has an Unique Line gimmick: it features six "air duct" holes, which are intended to improve aerodynamic performance by reducing drag from air moving through the holes. As part of the Unique Line, Aero Pegasus has resin Launcher Hooks instead of metal ones, which increase Outward Weight Distribution (OWD). It is also the first Blade to have a "Double Metal Coat", with a coat of blue paint and another coat of green paint.

Ratchet - 3-70

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The 3-70 Ratchet features 3 identical protrusions at a 7.0 millimeter height.

Bit - Accel

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Accel or A is an Attack Type Bit that features a flat tip with a shallow circular indentation in the center, akin to its predecessor, Flat. The flat tip creates aggressive movement, which makes it easier to contact the Xtreme Line (X-Celerator Rail) to perform the Xtreme Dash gimmick. While the Rush Bit focused on increasing the frequency of Xtreme Dashes by having fewer gears compared to Flat, Accel instead has more gears, which increases the speed of an Accel combination's Xtreme Dash at the cost of Stamina.




Takara Tomy



  • Like the previous "Rare Bey" Aero Pegasus 3-70A, the Ratchet is taken from its contemporary Hells release (Hells Hammer 3-70H) and the Bit is from its contemporary Dran release (Dran Buster 1-60A).