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Agito is the main antagonist in the Beyblade: Metal Masters video game. He owns Nightmare Rex SW145SD. Agito is a 15 year old blader that was possessed by Nightmare Rex. After you defeat Dino Agito with Ancient Rex SW145SD, he returns to a confused kid, not knowing what happened before.


Agito has white, spiky hair, a dark skin tone and light blue eyes. He wears some kind of armor with quite the same colour as on Nightmare Rex's fusion wheel. He has a light blue jewel on the chest of his armor, a dark green cape and some kind of dinosaur arms/claws on his back. He also wears dark green pants. He also wears some kind of dinosaur skull on his left arm, he probably uses this to absorb the power of his opponents after defeating them with his Nightmare Rex. He turns into Dino Agito after the player defeats him.


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