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Aguma (アグマ, Aguma) is a recurring character in the Metal Saga, debuting as a central character in Beyblade: Metal Fury. He is one of the Legendary Bladers and Solar System Bladers, representing Saturn. His Beyblade is Scythe Kronos T125EDS.

Physical Appearance

Aguma has spiky brown hair, large eyebrows and purple eyes that are similar to the color of Kronos' dark purple aura. He appears to be very large and muscular, and is able to stop a helicopter from falling by himself. He wears a light brown cape with a hood land, a large purple sleeveless shirt with yellow highlights. He also wears white bandage-like attachments on his left arm along with brown fingerless gloves. He also wears a brown belt, dark blue pants and brown boots with fur trim.

When Aguma gets heated up in a battle he uses his special move and his eyes glow red.


Beyblade: Metal Fury

Vengeance of the Beylin Fist

Aguma's ancestor was part of the Solar System Bladers. Then down the family line, one of them joined the Beylin Fist; a group of Bladers who tried to secede from the main school at the Beylin Temple but failed. They are much like the Face Hunters from Metal Fusion. But their group of warriors seek vengeance. They were exiled and passed down their lineage of hate down to Aguma, his friend Bao and several other henchmen of theirs.

Aguma followed Bao as he enacted revenge by attacking and beating Exiled members of the temple and eventually joined the ToRyumon Tag Team tournament with him. Aguma and Bao easily dominated their first match without revealing themselves and took note on how serious the matches were becoming. In the next round, Aguma suggested they become serious as well, leading Bao to reveal themselves to the Beylin Temple as the Beylin Fist after they beat their opponents.

After winning the second round they face Kyoya Tategami and Benkei Hanawa. Benkei fights Aguma while Kyoya takes on Bao believing Bao to be a legendary blader. Aguma uses his Special move to win the battle shocking Kyoya. He is then revealed to be a legendary blader. Kyoya says he would have won if not for Aguma using his move. They then advance to the final battle with Gingka and Yuki. During the fight Gingka was attacked by Bao and Hades Crown, Gingka decided to fight him while Yuki fought with Aguma and Kronos.

But since the Saturn Legendary Blader was a weakness to Anubius, Gingka tries to help with Cosmic Tornado clashing with Aguma's Great Ring of Destruction, they are outmatched as Gingka, Yuki, and even Bao, were defeated, causing the battlefield to be destroyed. Aguma becomes the winner. They leave on helicopter without taking their prize. Later as they travel Bao says that they will be the best. Johannes appears and convinces Aguma and the rest to come with him. When Bao says no the two began a battle where Johannes explains his plans. After that Johannes takes him and Bao to Mexico where they meet Pluto. Pluto tells him and the other Beylin fist bladers about how a new dawn will come to this world. Later he and the Beylin fist travel with Johannes to Mist mountain where Dynamis is said to live. They secretly follow Gingka, Yuki, Benkei, Kyoya, Nile, Demure, and Ryuto. Kyoya however notices them and uses Fang Leone 130W2D to make them come out of hiding. Gingka's gang is shocked that Aguma would join Johannes. Kyoya demands a rematch between him and Aguma. He has not forgotten his loss during the match in China. Anger ignites between Kyoya and Aguma and a heated battle soon commences. The stone door opens as a result. Ryuto runs towards the door but Johannes launches his Bey to stop him. Nile takes charge and orders Demure and Benkei to take a defensive position to block Johannes, Bao, and their followers. He then tells Gingka, Madoka Amano, Yuki Mizusawa, and Ryuto to go ahead. Ryuto runs ahead; Gingka is reluctant to leave them but ultimately follows Ryuto, leaving them behind.

The battle between Kyoya and Aguma intensifies as they both use special moves against one another; Aguma provokes Kyoya calling him Gingka's follower in disgust.



Scythe Kronos T125EDS: Aguma's primary Beyblade in Metal Fury.

Special Moves


Beyblade: Metal Fury
Opponent Episode Result
Unknown Bladers Offscreen Win
ToRyumon Round 1 Bladers (Tag w/ Bao) 4D009 Win
ToRyumon Round 2 Bladers (Tag w/ Bao) 4D010 Win
Kyoya Tategami and Benkei Hanawa (Tag w/ Bao) 4D011 Win
Gingka Hagane and Yuki Mizusawa (Tag w/ Bao) 4D012 Win
Kyoya Tategami 4D019 Lose
Gingka Hagane, Kyoya Tategami, Dynamis, Yuki Mizusawa, Benkei Hanawa, Nile and Demure (Tag w/ Johannes, Bao, and Beylin Fist) 4D022 No Outcome
King 4D023 Lose
Gingka Hagane, King, Yuki Mizusawa, Benkei Hanawa, Zeo Abyss, and Toby (Tag w/ Chris, Bao, and Beylin Fist) 4D026 No outcome (interrupted by Ryuga)
Pluto (Tag w/ Dynamis and Chris) 4D031 Lose
Gingka Hagane 4D033 No Outcome (Interrupted by Yuki)
Yuki Mizusawa 4D033-4D034 No outcome (interrupted by Tithi)
Tithi 4D034-4D037 Lose
Johannes, Keyser, Cycnus and Herschel (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers (except Ryuga) Zeo, Toby and Yu) 4D042 Win
Rago and Pluto (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Masamune, Yu, and Tsubasa) 4D045-4D048 Eliminated
Nemesis (Tag w/ Legendary Bladers, Masamune, Yu and Tsubasa) 4D049-4D050 Eliminated
Kyoya Tategami off screen Lose (implied)



Both Bao and Aguma are shown to be very close friends and very good at tag-team. Aguma seems to care about Bao's safety, like during their match with Ginga and Yuki, he hesitated to use his special move knowing Bao would be damaged too. And when Bao was thrown against the wall when trying to obtain Nemesis, Aguma got worried for his friend.

Kyoya Tategami

Aguma's relationship with Kyoya is very bad from the first time they met. Kyoya was furious when Aguma defeated him and Benkei after he revealed his Legendary Power. He was also very determined to defeat Aguma in their battle in The Lion's Pride. Their relationship had worsened by Bladers Of Four Seasons as Aguma mocks Kyoya multiple times, calling him 'Gingka's dog' and mentioning that Kyoya is Gingka's follower, making Kyoya furious and attack everyone, even his friends. Aguma is one of Kyoya's biggest rival at first.

However, after Aguma decided his fate and he joins the the other Legendary Bladers in their battle against Nemesis, Kyoya starts accepting him as his ally and their relationship improves. In the battle against Nemesis in Flash Sagittario (Part 1), Aguma stops Kyoya from attacking Nemesis telling him to work together with Gingka and the other Bladers of Four Seasons in order to form Zeus' Barrier in sealing Nemesis away. In the final episode of Metal Fury, Kyoya tells Aguma that they will battle again next time, indicating that they were rivals on good terms.


Tithi is one of Aguma's biggest rivals other than Kyoya. However, their relationship is more in the backstory of their ancestors, as seen in Diablo Nemesis (Part 2) , mainly when Tithi is revealed that he is the one who convinces Aguma to join the good side. The two may be friendly rivals as seen in the final battle with Nemesis, Aguma commands Tithi to attack Nemesis together along with Gingka in Hades' Persistence (Part 2). They seem to be on good terms later.


Aguma has some sort of relationship with Dynamis in the series. Dynamis is the one who convinced him to join the good side, as seen in Diablo Nemesis (Part 2) where he tells Aguma the story of his ancestor and wishes that Aguma would do the same as what his ancestor did. With this, Dynamis can be seen as Aguma's mentor. He may be one of Aguma's closest friends as he is seen with Aguma numerous times, especially when in the final battle against Nemesis in Lost Kingdom.


Beyblade: Metal Fury



  • The kanji used for Aguma is (悪魔, Akuma , literally means Demon or Devil), which is the equivalent of Death/the Grim Reaper, which is called 死神 or Shinigami.
  • Aguma has never won a battle by himself despite being one of the few people to beat Gingka.
  • Aguma's bey represents the Titan Lord Kronos whose Roman equivalent is Saturn, the planet he represents.
  • Aguma is the only Legendary Blader who doesn't have a battle related with Ryuga.
  • Aguma is the largest character in the manga.
  • Aguma appears to be the largest and the tallest Legendary Blader (If you don't count Rago) as even Dynamis is short compared to him.
  • He's the only Solar System Blader to appear outside of Metal Fury.
  • He managed to switch to the Legendary Bladers side by understanding his purpose by Dynamis and has nearly the most self-conflicts just like Chris during the final battles with the Nemesis Bladers and destined to make his amends to as shown by defeating the Three Nemesis Bladers members as well as Johannes, Hershel, Keyser, and Cycnus and fighting with Tithi during the battle with Rago.