Air Knight Vertical Volcanic (エアナイト・バーチカル・ボルカニック, Ea Naito Bāchikaru Borukanikku) is an Attack Type Beyblade that's a part of the Burst System as well as the Cho-Z Layer System. As an anime-exclusive Beyblade, it was never released. It debuted in Beyblade Burst Rise as Dante Koryu's first Beyblade before he obtained Ace Dragon Sting Charge Zan.

Energy Layer - Air Knight

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In-depth information for Takara Tomy's Air Knight Energy Layer will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it. Please be patient.

Forge Disc - Vertical

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Vertical is shaped somewhat like an upside-down funnel, similar to its predecessor Armed. However, unlike Armed, which has a more gradual and rounded slope, Vertical’s slope begins at a sharper angle and continues downward in a straight line. Vertical also sports a jagged, line-like design, which forms the outline for several holes on the disc’s exterior and eight protrusions on its underside. Despite resembling Armed in terms of shape, Vertical does not offer the same resistance to Bursting that Armed is notable for, while also possessing less Stamina than top-tier Forge Discs such as Spread and Gravity.

Performance Tip - Volcanic

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Volcanic features a tilting, free rotating flat tip with a textured design, akin to a smaller Hold

Like Hold, the wide surface area of the plate makes Volcanic one of the more aggressive and faster tips in the game. While this level of speed implies that a Beyblade using this Tip would be in danger of Self-Knock-Outs, the friction given by the textured ring allows Volcanic to stay on the Tornado Ridge, the free-spinning nature and smaller diameter of the tip mitigates its speed to more controllable levels and the tilting aspect of the tip provides Stability to prevent the Beyblade from tipping over and allows more of the textured ring to contact the stadium and the Tornado Ridge. While the smaller diameter makes it easier to maintain a banking pattern with Volcanic than with Hold, the pattern still breaks very quickly.

Due to Volcanic's design, the speed of the Performance Tip can vary as some Volcanic tips spin more freely than others, the more the tip spins freely, the more Stamina it has and the easier it is to control, but at the cost of speed.

Volcanic is slightly taller than most other tips. This height difference would, in theory, increase the rate of Disc-to-Layer contact and Burst the opponent. However, due to the height of most Layers and the minimal difference in height, such contact is rare.

Due to the identical mechanism and similar shape, Volcanic would also perform well in Spin-Equalization Combinations as the free-spinning nature and tilting plate of Volcanic would allow for excellent Spin-Equalization potential while also granting the Precession and Life-After-Death needed to win such matches. However, the smaller diameter mitigates Volcanic's Life-After-Death potential and the greater height prevents the rubber of Drain Fafnir or Spriggan Requiem to make contact with the opponent.







Control Art


  • This Air Knight Layer appears to be a combination of the two available release colors at the time of its debut, with the outside retaining the silver color and Black decals from the Air Knight 11 Friction Combo, and the center taking its blue color and decals from Kit's Air Knight 12Expand Eternal, even having a red Level Chip.


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