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Akira is a minor character in Metal Saga and is a friend of Kenta.


Akira wears a light blue shirt with a dark blue jacket on top. He also wears beige/grey trousers and has a smaller navy blue version of Gingka's hair style. He's neither chubby nor skinny.


Akira makes his debut in episode 2 where Kenta introduces Gingka to him, he battles Gingka together with Osamu, and Takashi, and loses. Akira is constantly seen with his friends and Kenta and cheering for Gingka in his battles. He helps Kenta look for Gingka, when Gingka is missing. Akira enters the survival battle where he, Takashi, Osamu and Benkei fall into Tetsuya's trap but with Kenta's help they all manage to defeat Tetsuya. He manages to survive until there are 28 bladers left. It is unknown how he lost. Akira continues to appear throughout the season and then cheers Gingka in his battle with Ryuga.


His bey is Heat Raven 145HF, an attack-type.


Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Opponent Episode Result
Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ Takashi and Osamu) MF002 Lose
Kenta Yumiya MF003 Win
Kenta Yuima MF004 Lose
Osamu MF009 Lose
Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ Osamu Takashi and unknown blader) MF019 Lose
Unknown Blader MF019 Win
Survival Battle Bladers MF020 Win
Tetsuya Watarigani (Tag w/ Kenta, Benkei, Osamu, and Takashi) MF020 Win
Gingka Hagane (Tag w/ Osamu and Takashi) MF021 Lose
Kyoya Tategami, Benkei Hanawa, Kenta Yumiya, Hyoma, Osamu, Akira, Hikaru Hasama, Testuya Watarigani, Gingka Hagane MF023 Lose
Challenge match bladers MF024 Win



  • Even though Akira seems to be a weak blader, he gets quite far in the Japan Tournament and has made to the top 20 and placed 20th in the tournament.
  • Osamu, Takashi and he dreamed of OTA Land during survival battle.
  • Interestingly, Akira is a name given to minor characters who are friends of one of the main protagonist. (Andrew was named so only in the English dub.)
  • In Metal Masters Akira is in the top 20 and has placed 20th, unlike Osamu and Takashi, who didn`t earn themselves a spot in the top 20.
  • In the English dub Akira is voiced by the same voice of Kyoya Tategami.
  • His hairstyle also resembles Kyoya's, without the ponytail.