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Alexander Zangiev (ザンギエフ Zangiev) is a minor character in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade. He is a member of Boris's Army.


Personality & Characteristics[]

Alexander was one of the boys raised at Balkov Abbey, and trained to beyblade from a young age as a part of Boris' Beyblading army. He, like many others, was taught that loss was unacceptable, and he had remained undefeated until the Bladebreakers arrived at the Abbey. Alexander seemed to have a somewhat nervous personality, as he was often seen looking uncomfortable, especially in Boris' presence. He was very apprehensive about demonstrating the Abbey's power against the newcomers, but having little choice, he followed his orders, then making a show of his determination.



  • Special Move(s): Wind Attack

Alexander uses a Initial System Beyblade called Matryoshka that is presumably based on the Makendo and Bakushin-Oh. It is first seen in Hot Battle In A Cold Town. Matryoshka is built for power and speed.



Alexander made use of a custom launcher, which resembled a cross between a giant beyblade and a wrecking ball. It's large size made it unwieldy to use, and required a strong beyblader to lift it; in a small space, it would have been very difficult to use, as it required the beyblader to spin their entire body rapidly, in order to gain momentum, before finally it would trigger. Inside of the launcher shell, are a series of smaller shells; these burst away, giving extra power to the Beyblade concealed within. The final result was a beyblade with exceptional speed, and very high RPM count.


Although Alexander was implied to be undefeated, he was only shown to have one battle on screen, which was against Tyson Granger. Although the battle started out in Alexander's favour, with his speed and power dominating Tyson's usual strategies, Tyson was able to pull a win with some coaching from his friends. After Alexander's loss, Boris crushed his beyblade under his foot, and he was taken away by the security personnel.

He was later seen in a cell, by Kai, where he begged for help, however his pleas were ignored, and he was never seen on screen again.


Episode Event Opponent Score Result
OS040 None Tyson Granger 0-1 Lose




  • Alexander is one of only five named characters from Balkov Abbey, although a number were seen.
  • Alexander showed the peculiar ability of summoning wind-based attacks with his beyblade, even without the use of a bitbeast. It was powerful enough to overwhelm Tyson, a bitbeast-wielding wind beyblader.
  • His beyblade, Matryoshka, being a beyblade concealed inside the launcher being a giant version of it, is a reference to its namesake, the Russian nesting dolls known as Matryoshka.
  • Alexander's role in the BIOVOLT arc of the first season is identical to Bruce's role in the Asian Tournament, as they both are minor characters, they're tools for a major team in the series, their Beyblades have no bit-beasts, and they were both punished for losing a battle to Tyson.
  • Alexander's combination of a purple and green beyblade bares resemblance to Kenny's Hopper, especially when the attack-ring configuration is taken into consideration.
  • There is some debate as to the relationship between Boris and Alexander; in Episode 41, Boris is heard calling him "My Son" - there are those who believe this implies that Boris is his father, whilst others argue that it is because Boris has assumed the guise of a priest. This exists only in the English version, making it unlikely the two are related.
  • Alexander's launcher bares some resemblance to Robert's Flail, but is largely based on a giant version of his own beyblade.
  • In the Japanese version, after Alexander's loss, Boris crushed his beyblade before lifting him into the air, and throwing him to the security personnel; this scene was cut from the English Dub, due to the restrictions against violent content.