All Starz (PPBチーム PPB Chīmu) are a team featured in the Original Series, consisting of Beyblade and Beyblade: G-Revolution.



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Role Status
Michael Summers
Trygle 2
Leader Active
Emily Watson
Trygator S
Member Active
Trypio Member Active
Steven STEVEN (2002) Tryhorn Member Retired
Rick Anderson
Rock Bison Member Active
Max Tate
250px-Max G-Revolution
Draciel G Member Retired
Judy Tate JUDY TATE (G-REVOLUTION) N/A Coach Active



In Beyblade, The All Starz is led by Michael Summers and is composed of four Bladers and one Coach. The team uses the PPB Research Facility as it's base of operations.

Beyblade: G-Revolution

As of G-Revolution, the team is now composed of five Bladers and one Coach, with Max Tate and Rick Anderson joining the team as one of their World Championship representatives.

The All Starz reappear in G-Revolution as the PPB All Starz, with a modified player line-up, excluding Steven (who was revealed in the finale to be in the hospital with an injured leg) and adding Max Tate and Rick Anderson. On the first chapters, Rick's win against Michael, this victory bring him the main place in the team, along with Max, who won against Emily. As the world tournament for this series involved teams using only two Bladers, a playoff for the spaces was performed within the team, with Max and Rick defeating Michael and Emily to claim them.

At first, Rick doesn't want to cooperate with Max, and only wants to win by himself. Their first battles against the F-Dynasty and the Barthez Battalion are won with ease. However, due to Barthez's plan, Rick seriously injures Claude, resulting in the team being seen as villainous.

When they fight against the Blitzkrieg Boys, Kai demanded the crowd to show respect to them or else, to Max's delight. He is then defeated by Kai, despite Max's new Draciel G Beyblade. Rick manages to swiftly defeat Tala, but is defeated against Kai, earning them a loss.

During the next fight against White Tiger X, Max and Rick face Ray and Lee. During this fight, Rick finally learns how to work in a team, resulting in a victory for them.

Their final match is against the BBA Revolution. Despite having a long and heavy fight, Rick loses to Daichi Sumeragi, with Max also losing to Tyson Granger. Although he didn't win the battle, Max's Draciel G heavily damaged Tyson's Dragoon G.

In the BEGA saga, Max wins a place on the new G-Revolutions team, resulting in him leaving the All Starz. Michael and Emily later provide Max with new parts for his Draciel, evolving it into Draciel MS. Rick later temporarily teams up with White Tiger X's Lee to prevent Ming-Ming and Crusher's reluctant attempt to incapacitate Tyson, ahead of his Justice Five tie-breaker match against Brooklyn.


Event Result
American Tournament Runner-Up
World Championship (Beyblade) Loss
World Championship (G-Revolution) Loss



  • Prior to Max and Rick joining in G-Revolution, each member of All Starz used a Bit Beast whose name was prefixed with "Try".
  • Each of these members also specialised in a specific sport.


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