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Amaterios Aero Assault (アマテリオス・エアロ・アサルト, Amateriosu Earo Asaruto), stylized as αmaterios αero αssault, is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System. It was released as a Rare Bey Get Battle Prize Booster in Japan in August 2015.

Energy Layer - Amaterios

Main article: Energy Layer - Amaterios

Takara Tomy's Amaterios is an Attack Type Energy Layer that features a face on the left side, meant to represent this Layer's namesake; the Shinto Goddess of the Sun Amaterasu, and an overall pentagonal or star shape. Such a shape creates five points of recoil which grants Amaterios high Burst and Knock-Out potential while the tall teeth are capable of withstanding the Layer's recoil. Furthermore, among the Single Layers, Amaterios has high weight which further bolsters Burst Resistance and Attack potential.

However, Amaterios lags behind Valkyrie and Xcalibur in Attack Combinations as the pentagonal shape means that each point of contact is at an obtuse angle which reduces recoil compared to the triangular Valkyrie or the sword point of Xcalibur. Furthermore, as a pre-Xcalibur Single Layer, Amaterios' teeth will wear down quickly with use, so if one prefers to use Amaterios, it is recommended to have multiple copies of this Layer and to be prepared to replace it.

Forge Disc - Aero

Main article: Forge Disc - Aero

Aero is a slim, rounded pentagonal Disc composed of five downward sloping blades, akin to a reversed Wing, meant to create Down Force in Right-Spin and Upper Force in Left-Spin. However, like Wing, Aero's slimness makes it far too light to be useful in any type of Combination and the blades are too shallow to create any noticeable Down/Upper Force effect.

Performance Tip - Assault

Main article: Performance Tip - Assault

Assault is a wider version of Accel. It is a flat-based Performance Tip and is the same height as all previous Performance Tips released in the Beyblade Burst series. The top of the Driver features a symbol called alpha (α, the first letter of the Greek alphabet) which represents "αssault", for easy recognition between other Performance Tips. While Bladers commonly spell it as Assault, the use of the α in the official spelling ensures that the one-part-per-letter rule gets followed in the Burst System, instead of doubling the As.

Assault performs like a standard flat tip, but it is just much faster around the stadium compared to previous releases because of its tip's wider circumference. The enhanced speed makes Assault great for Attack Combinations, but this comes with sacrifices of control of the Beyblade. Due to the speed this Driver produces, it makes it a lot harder to pull off a flower pattern by Banking or performing a Sliding Shoot. As such, it is mostly only good at defeating Mobile Combinations that wander close to the Tornado Ridge, which it follows wildly once it catches onto it. The larger surface of contact's higher friction also comes at the expense of lower Stamina, with Assault losing spin velocity earlier than smaller flat tips and delivering mediocre hits by the time it reaches the center of the stadium.



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  • Amaterios' name is a portmanteau of Amaterasu, a Shinto goddess, and Helios, a god in Greek mythology. Coincidentally, both Amaterasu and Helios have some relation to the sun, with Amaterasu being goddess of the sun in Shinto religion and Helios being revered as the personification of the sun.
  • The Platinum Version makes an appearance in Episode 31 of the first Beyblade Burst anime season as a display in a museum.