The American DJ is a recurring character in Beyblade: Metal Masters and Beyblade: Metal Fury. He serves the same role as Blader DJ, which is to serve as a judge of WBBA matches. He is the American counterpart of the Blader DJ, who is his Japanese equivalent.


The American DJ has a signature style of clothing. He is always seen wearing his clothing with a star pattern with colors red, white, blue, and yellow. He has blonde hair, and wears a hat with stars and the colors of the American flag. He wears a signature tuxedo with the same color design, and a red bow tie, along with dress pants and shoes that follow the same pattern.


Beyblade: Metal Masters

The American DJ debuted when Team Excalibur traveled to America in order to face Team Star Breaker. The American DJ was revealed to be the judge of the matches. During the Big Bang Bladers World Championship, The American DJ has several encounters with Blader DJ, they are revealed to have a past of vicious rivalry. The two even battle with their minimal Beyblading skills which ends in a draw causing their friendship to begin. The two continue to do commentary during Big Bang Bladers together until the end of the tournament.

Beyblade: Metal Fury

American DJ announced the Destroyer Dome tournament


DJ Aries

Rock Aries ED145D WBBA Version

  • Rock Aries ED145D WBBA Ver.: DJ's Rock Aries is a premium edition WBBA specialty noted by Madoka. It is a Defense type Beyblade, and very similar to Rock Aries ED145B. Although many of the parts appear to be dark yellow or brown, they are actually translucent black, but appear as faintly yellow or brown because of the effect light has on translucent black. Masamune revealed that this Beyblade is a rare, discontinued model.

Special Moves

  • American DJ Crossfader: the special move with Rock Aries ED145D overall. It's unknown how this special move works. It is possible that the bey only strikes the opposing bey with weak force.


Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Blader DJ MM040 Draw



  • American DJ's style of clothing is based on Uncle Sam, an iconic symbol of the United States during World War II, at which time, the United States was at war with Japan. The rivalry between American DJ and Blader DJ (who is the DJ from Japan), may be a subtle reference to World War II, and the hostilities between those two countries.
  • He appeared in Beyblade: Metal Fury for three episodes.
  • American DJ Crossfader is one of the only special moves that the work way is unknown. The other being is Blader DJ Scratch.
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