Ancient Rex SW145SD is an evolved version of Nightmare Rex SW145SD and belongs to Agito.

Face Bolt: Rex II

Same as Nightmare Rex. It features a Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the most well known dinosaurs.

Energy Ring: Rex II

It is the same as the previous Rex clear wheel, except that it is colored black.

Fusion Wheel: Ancient


Probably the same as Nightmare, but gold.

Spin Track: Switch 145 (SW145)

Same as Nightmare Rex.

Performance Tip: Semi-Defense (SD)

Same as original Nightmare Rex.

Ancient 2


  • Strangely and coincidentally, there is a character in an anime show called Dinosaur King called Rex Ancient. Ancient Rex is just his name backward, it is most likely coincidental.
  • The Ancient wheel has striking similarities to the Blitz Wheel.
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