Andrew (originally: Akira) is a character in the original series of the anime, Beyblade. He is a friend of Tyson Granger.



Andrew is Tyson's friend. They are both around the same age and live in the same neighbourhood. Andrew is relatively well respected there (as mentioned by a random kid that says Andrew is a legendary beyblader around these parts), meaning he has probably won many battles. However, once he met with Carlos, a member of Blade Sharks, and got his Beyblade stolen by Carlos. Learning this, Tyson challenged Carlos to a beybattle and defeated him, therefore regaining all the Beyblades Carlos had taken away. So, in a sense, Andrew losing to Carlos and losing his Beyblade is really what made Tyson progress and start the series at first. He was a key element.

Even though he was important at the beginning, he was completely forgotten afterwards since Tyson moved around the world to compete in tournaments. Andrew appeared in Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 18 and Episode 50 he was not seen after that.



  • The name Akira means "intelligent" in Japanese, Andrew is Greek for "manly".
  • Andrew's chin resembles Cenotaph's.

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