An Angle Compass is a tool that is very useful for bladers to get their launch just right. It has a red ball on it and whenever you tilt a launcher grip, the red ball moves. The idea is that you get the red ball in the center then let it rip and it prevents any possible power loss. You can
attach the Japanese one on any regular Launcher Grip, but the Hasbro one can only go on Rev-Up launchers and the Custom Grip.

On the custom grip, you can put a regular angle compass on the bottom slot.

Of course, there is an exception to this, Banking and the Sliding Shoot. Still, this is useful if you get too off-balance.


  • The Hasbro Angle Compass has less precision due to it being more loose than the Takara Tomy Angle Compass.
  • In the anime, Osamu and Tobio were the only known Angle Compass users.
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