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Aniel is a member of Team Chandora, the Indian representative team. He uses Rock Serpent SW145WD.


He has brownish hair and brown eyes. In his right ear, he has a round gold earring. Everyone in his team wear the same outfit.

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Aniel, along with the other members of Team Chandora, appear in Episode 19 of Beyblade: Metal Masters, in a pre-match press conference. He accuses Wild Fangs of being scared of his team and says that his team would win with two straight wins in a row. He, however doesn't gets a chance to battle as both his teammates lose their matches. As the team boasted that they won all of their earlier battles in the tournament, it is unknown whether Aniel battled in the championships at all.


Aniel's Bey, Rock Serpent


  • If he would have gotten a chance to battle against Team Wild Fang, he would've battled Demure or Benkei.
  • He was the only member of his team that did not get to battle Wild Fang.