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Anton (original version: Puten) is the manager of the Russian team, Team Lovushka in Beyblade: Metal Masters. He is also the commander of the "Russian Space Endeavour". Anton is a person who does everything by cheating but behaves like a gentleman. Team Lovushka fires him for making them cheat.


Beyblade: Metal Masters

Anton appears in the end of the thirteenth episode where he is seen analyzing the information on Team GanGan Galaxy that Aleksei had managed to obtain.

In How Grand! The Cage Match, Anton asked Nowaguma to battle first. He makes the Russian Team cheat by pretending to help them achieve their goal. He designed the cage stadium to prevent Gingka from using his special move.

In Libra Departs for the Front!, Anton designed a stadium for the battle between Yu Tendo and Aleksei. This stadium was designed so that Aleksei's bey could float and Yu's Special Moves would not be able to create the vibrations needed to perform them. Masamune Kadoya discovered his plan and battled him to stop the stadium's "added effects" and allow Yu to win.

In Libra Departs for the Front!, Anton was fired from the team.


Beyblade: Metal Masters
Opponent Episode Result
Masamune Kadoya MM015 Lose


  • He has almost exactly the same Bey that Doji used in Metal Fusion except the Fusion Wheel is Evil, not Dark. He also has the same voice actor as Doji's final voice actor.
  • He looks similar to Dr. Ziggurat and also is the manager of his team like him.
  • He appears to be attached to roses, mainly the black one he keeps in his pocket.
  • His Japanese name: Puten, means Meat.
    • His Japanese name could also be a reference to the last name of a real world Russian politician named Vladimir Putin.
  • It is unknown where he went after he got fired.
  • He is also similar to Barthez of the Barthez Battalion in that both:
    • Made their teams cheat to win.
    • Were fired after their teams lost to the main protagonists (Both were fired by the team's captain).