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Anubion A6 13 Fusional-SP is a Balance Type Beyblade released by Hasbro as part of the Burst System as well as the SpeedStorm System. It was released in western countries as a part of the Anubion A6 & Demise Satomb S6 Dual Pack for USD$14.99 in the United States.

Energy Layer - Anubion A6

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Despite the "A6" suffix, Hasbro's Anubion A6 is simply a recolored Anubion A2. As such, one should refer to the Anubion A2 page for information on performance.

Forge Disc - 13

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13, like most other odd numbered Core Discs, is asymmetrical and elliptical in shape in order to facilitate a Disc Frame. Each side features four protrusions with molding to create the shape of a "13" with one side featuring a greater number of molding lines, though too shallow to create any noticeable imbalance. While the aggressive design of the Disc may imply high Burst potential from Disc-to-Layer contact, due to the fact that most Burst Performance Tips are of the same or very similar heights, such contact is rare. Compared to other Core Discs, 13 is one of the lightest, even lighter than 6. This light weight severely hinders 13's Attack, Defense and Stamina potential and while the light weight would create high Burst Resistance, the heavy weight of the SwitchStrike/God Layer System and the Cho-Z Layer System makes the use of lightweight Discs for Burst Resistance obsolete.

Performance Tip - Fusional-SP

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