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Aqua Sword Strike 2-Pack is a Faceoff 2-Pack released by Hasbro, released in late 2011.


  • BB-82B Grand Cetus WD145RS (Transparent green Clear Wheel, opaque blue Track, green and gray Tip)
  • B-116 Hyper Orso SW145JB (Orange highlights on Metal Wheel, blue Clear Wheel, opaque orange Track, blue Tip)
  • Two Ripcord Launchers (Orange and Green)


This Set has few useful parts, most of which are outclassed. Grand is a severely outclassed Metal Wheel: because of its Recoil, it has very little use in Defense customizations and due to its very small Smash Attack capabilities, it is also greatly surpassed as an Attack Metal Wheel. WD145 is a fixed version of ED145, therefore it cannot absorb hits as successfully. RS is one of the most successful Defense Bottoms available, but can be obtained through the more useful Strongest Blader Set, or even a simple Grand Ketos WD145/T125RS Starter from Hasbro or SonoKong. Hyper is a hollow and very lightweight Metal Wheel, so its Attack capabilities are considered essentially non existent. SW145's defensive properties are outclassed by E230, BD145, and 230, due to its Recoil, and the few uses it has in Attack combinations are not impressive at all. JB works in a similar fashion to WB, so it is outclassed by CS and RSF for defensive uses since those have more grip, which is essential for Defense. For all those reasons, there is little to no reason to buy this Set, as most of its parts are outclassed, and can be obtained elsewhere.