• Note: There is a large amount of confusion about the Japanese name of this Beyblade but the official name of Ariel is in fact, Wolborg 03 (Uriel). It is written as such in the instructions for its successor, Ariel 2. However, for the sake of clarity, the Japanese release will fall under the article name, Ariel.

Ariel (アリエル Arieru) is a Beyblade that was released as a part of the Magnacore System. It has been succeeded by Ariel 2.


Ariel is a CoroCoro Comic Limited Beyblade. Takara released the original Ariel in gold with a red tip, and later released a Black Version as an event exclusive recolor. Hasbro released also released a Black Version of this Beyblade under the name Wolborg 3, but it utilized the Engine Gear System and had a white Blade Tip instead of a red one.


Other Versions

  • Black Version - Event Limited Recolor, Black with Red Tip.
  • Wolborg 3 - Hasbro Release, Black with White Tip


Wolborg 03 (Uriel) - Original Version



Ariel is a decent Beyblade, each of its parts being moderately useful in various combinations, however none of them are particularly exceptional, each being outclassed by more readily available alternatives. This is only worsened by the fragility of the original version, and the rarity of the more resilient ones. As such, this Beyblade should only be purchased for collection purposes.

Breakage Issues

The original Ariel, as a result of weaknesses in the gold plastic it is made of, suffers from a condition known as Gold Plastic Syndrome, rendering it extremely fragile. As such, it is strongly recommended not to use the gold parts of this version of the Beyblade.

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