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Armageddon is the only special move used by Rago and his Diablo Nemesis X:D.


Armageddon is Rago's first special move where he creates a fissure of darkness to engulf and destroy his opponents. Rago throws his back a little bit backwards then slams his fist straight to the ground as him roaring the special move. Rago first used this move at the temple As the name suggests, this move is super-destructive and means a kind of 'end', or 'catastrophe'. When used in the temple, Armageddon completely destroyed the temple, leaving nothing but rubble and dust.


  • This Special Move is the only one that has potential to kill someone, as it almost killed Ryuga.
  • The name Armageddon is based from the Book revelation, the place of gathering an army for the final battle, that also refer to the gathering of the legendary bladers in the final battle.