Arthur Peregrine, known as Arthur Percival (アーサー・パーシヴァル, Āsā Pāshivuaru) in Japan, is an antagonist in the anime/manga series, Beyblade Burst Rise. He fights with his Beyblade Prime Apocalypse 0Dagger Ultimate Reboot'. He refers himself as the King of Hell (ヘルの王, Heru No Ō) and the Beyblade King (ベイブレードの王, Beiburēdo No Ō).


Arthur is a tall, built man with tan skin, medium-length prussian-blue hair that cover his green hair on the other side with green highlights at the end, turquoise eyes, and red and yellow paint marks on his face. His attire consists of a full black-olive bodysuit with blue and yellow wavy markings, white wraps around his wrists and neck, reddish feathers on the right collar of his bodysuit, a cerulean kilt with dark-red borders connected to cyan dots and held by a white belt, and dark-indigo boots with lavender cuffs and dark-green lines. His color scheme is similar to that of a blue-and-yellow macaw parrot.


Arthur is a very rebellious blader; trying to end the WBBA by destroying it's ideals, desiring to take over the Beyblade world by inviting bladers to Inferno, and even has on two occasions shown no respect for rules or etiquette as he barged into the stadium and interrupted the Bladers’ battles in order to showcase his power to everyone.

His arrogance makes him unafraid to express his thoughts, claiming to be the Beyblade King. He is also unwilling to accept his losses, as he ordered a tag battle with the Victories purely out of spite after losing to Dante Koryu and Delta Zakuro, even blaming Gwyn that his Apocalypse even though he often relied on him in battle.

Arthur is very authoritative, stating that the weak have no right to Beyblade and decreeing that all Bladers must follow his rule and did. He does not tolerate failure on his team, as he scolded Gwyn for losing against Dante.

After his final defeat, he fell to his knees, disappointed that his goal of taking over the WBBA failed.



Beyblade Burst Rise


Special Moves

  • Dark-Flux: Prime Apocalypse surrounds itself in a dark crimson and black aura, and is able to consume an opponent's Hyper-Flux.
  • Omega Blast: Prime Apocalypse uses the protruding blade on its layer to deal a devastating attack on the opposing bey, causing it to burst and resulting in a massive explosion. In the anime, the impact was shown to be powerful enough to destroy Beystadiums. This move is similar to Xander Shakadera's Saber Strike.
  • Final Blaster: A stronger version of Omega Blast in which Apocalypse channels more power into the point on its layer to deal a more devastating blow.
  • Prime Reboot: The semi-flat tip on Apocalypse's Ultimate Reboot' driver retracts and the rubber becomes exposed, resulting in a boost that grants Apocalypse more speed and power as it charges into its opponent like Valt Aoi's Genesis Reboot and Ultimate Genesis Reboot.
  • Eclipse Whip: Apocalypse uses the two blades of the Bigbang Armor to burst an opponent.

Official Description

Beyblade Burst Rise

As the self-proclaimed rightful king of Beyblade, Arthur forms his own Blading organization to challenge the official association. Fittingly for the wielder of the Bey Apocalypse, he seeks to bring about the end of the Blading world as we know it.


Beyblade Burst Rise
Opponent Episode Result
Aiger Akabane and Delta Zakuro 14 Win (4-0)
Aiger Akabane 15 Win (2-0)
Dante Koryu and Delta Zakuro 15 Win (4-0)
Delta Zakuro 17 Win (2-0)
Dante Koryu 18 Lose (1-3)
Delta Zakuro 20 Lose (0-3)
Gwyn Reynolds 21 Lose (0-2)
Arman Kusaba 22-23 Win (2-0)
Dante Koryu and Delta Zakuro (with Gwyn Reynolds) 24 Win (4-0)
Dante Koryu and Delta Zakuro (with Gwyn Reynolds) 25 Lose (0-2)
Arman Kusaba 25 Lose (0-2)

Anime Appearances

Beyblade Burst Rise

Beyblade Burst Surge


Dante Koryu

Delta Zakuro

Blindt DeVoy

Joe Lazure

Gwyn Reynolds


  • "Heed my words, I am Arthur Peregrine. Behold, as the wielder of Prime Apocalypse, my reign as the King of Beyblade has now begun!" - Arthur introducing himself after interrupting the battle in Beyblade Burst Rise - Episode 14.
  • "How very unfortunate. You see, Apocalypse possesses a superior defense system that prevents bursts." - to Aiger after he failed to burst Apocalypse.
  • "It can rotate 360 degrees absorbing any and all attacks without bursting." - explaining to Aiger about the Burst Prevention System.
  • "Surrender, this is all futile. I am the new king!" - Arthur before he unleash his avatar power.
  • "You will learn firsthand what happens to those who defy me!" - at the start of his battle with Dante and Delta.
  • "Try your best to entertain me."
  • "Was that pathetic display supposed to be an attack? It won't work against me!" - after Delta performed Clone Cannon on Apocalypse.
  • "No matter how brightly you may shine, the darkness will consume you!" - to Dante and Delta before unleashing his avatar power.
  • "Let light be swallowed by the darkness!" - Arthur before he destroys Erase Devolos.
  • "No light can escape the darkness of Apocalypse!" - to Delta after he destroyed Erase Devolos.
  • "It's useless! A king can never lose!" - Arthur to Dante as he activates Prime Reboot.


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  • Arthur is one of the three Beyblade Burst Rise characters whose initials are the same as his Bey: Prime Apocalypse, the others being Pheng Hope and Blindt DeVoy.
  • They way Arthur launches his Bey in episodes 14 and 21 of Beyblade Burst Rise resembles that of Aiger’s after he obtained Turbo Achilles.
  • He is the second Rise character to own a Dash Performance tip, first being Lodin Haijima.
  • He was the first character to ever defeat Delta Zakuro.
  • Arthur is voiced in Japanese by Shouma Yamamoto, who previously voiced Sakyo Kurayami in Shogun Steel. Additionally, Arthur made his debut by interrupting a battle, similarly to Sakyo.
  • Arthur is the First Character to use Dark Turbo.
  • He is the second character after Phi in the Burst series to have dark power and have a dark themed bey.


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