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Ashtem is the owner of the Snake Pit Organization. He is also the alter-ego of Theodore Glass


Ashtem wears a black helmet like mask with black eye visors,three purple lines are on top of the mask and a red lightning strike is across the left eye and a red accessory by the right eye with two arms of the accessory going around the right eye. He wears a black coat with purple lining the end of the sleeves and purple spike designs on the sides of the opening of the coat.he wears black armor like gloves that have purple designs on them. He wears a black turtleneck shirt underneath his coat,the shirt has a purple line starting at the collar and continues down to a purple diamond with a smaller diamond inside,after this diamond the purple line continues down to a red belt. He wears black armor like pants with purple designs as well as black shoes, his pants have purple lines down the sides and purple knee pads on them.


See the Personality section on Theodore Glass, as Ashtem.