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Asian Tournament is a tournament featured in the anime/manga series, Beyblade: 2000.

It is the second tournament overall which takes place in the Beyblade anime series' timeline, the first one being the Japanese tournament (2000).

Asian Tournament (2000) tournament serves as a qualifying tournament for the World Championships (2000).

In a thrilling final round which ends in a draw, the Bladebreakers defeat the White Tigers in a tie-breaking match to win the Asian Tournament (2000).


The Asian Tournament (2000) is held in China. It takes place in a purpose-built tower in the mountains called China Tower. The tower is on the top of a mountain. It is shaped like a tree with branches having leaves where leaves are the various floors of thr building. The matches are held on these different floors of the China Tower. The final round is held in the top-most floor.

Entry Requirements[]

The entry requirements are not made very clear, but it seems the winners or top-placed bladers of their respective country's national beyblade tournements are sent to represent their country in the Asian Tournament. Bladebreakers seem to represent Japan as all four participating members reached the semifinals of the Japanese national tournament just held prior, while White Tigers seem to represent China. This is never mentioned but is apparent.

Tournament Format[]

Asian Tournament is a team-based tournament. Each blading team consists of three regular members and one substitute member. If a regular member is not available, the substitute member can battle in its place.

In the rounds other than the final, each round opposing two teams consists of three beybattles only with one beybattle per blader. The team which wins two of the three beybattles wins the round. However all the three matches must be played even if a team wins the first two matches in a row and has won the round. If a team cannot field bladers for all three beybattles, the team forfeits and loses the round even if it has won two out of the three matches.

The final round has a different format. Instead of one beybattle per blader, it consists of three beybattles per blader. The blader who wins two of out his three battles wins his match and contributes a point to his team. The team with two points wins the final round.

Tie Breaker[]

If there is still a draw after all three players have competed in a round, both teams nominate a blader to break the tie in a sudden death round.


Name Beyblade Used Position Eliminated by
  • Dragoon S
  • Dranzer S
  • Draciel S
  • Driger S
Champions N/A
White Tigers
  • Galeon Attacker
  • Galux
  • Galzzly 
Runner-Up Bladebreakers

Battles and Results[]

Final Round[]

  1. Max vs Gary: Gary wins 2-1
    1. First Battle: Max wins
    2. Second Battle: Gary wins
    3. Third Battle: Gary wins
  2. Ray vs Mariah: Ray wins 2-1
    1. First Battle: Mariah wins
    2. Second Battle: Ray wins
    3. Third Battle: Ray wins
  3. Tyson vs Lee: Match drawn 1-1
    1. First Battle: Lee wins
    2. Second Battle: Tyson wins
    3. Third Battle: Drawn

Final Round Tie-Breaker[]

  1. Ray vs Lee: Ray wins 1-0
    1. Only battle: Ray wins