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Astral Fafnir Karma Venture-0 (アストラルファブニル・カルマ・ベンチャー-0, Asutoraru Fabunīru Karuma Benchā-0) is an Attack Type Beyblade released by Takara Tomy as part of the Burst System as well as the Dynamite Battle Layer System. It was released on Japan on December 29th, 2021 for 1232円 as one of seven possible Beyblades in Random Booster Vol. 27.

DB Core - Fafnir

Main article: DB Core - Fafnir
The motif is of the golden dragon, Fafnir. A left-spin DB Core with four strong locks.
— Official Description

In-depth information for Takara Tomy's Fafnir DB Core will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it. Please be patient.

Blade - Astral

Main article: Blade - Astral (Takara Tomy)
A dual-spin Balance Type Blade that can spin steal with its rubber parts when in left-spin and make powerful attacks with its metal parts when in right-spin.
— Official Description

In-depth information for Takara Tomy's Astral Blade will be placed here once drafting has been completed for it.

Armor - 0

Main article: Armor - 0
The 0 Armor raises the performance of the Beyblade in a well balanced manner.
— Official Description

Takara Tomy's 0 is an Armor with a smooth, symmetrical design. This design creates a stable weight distribution and high Stamina, as the design does not have weight concentrated at any particular point, instead being evenly distributed. Like the 10 Armor, the 0 Armor is highly versatile and one of the most useful Armors, and finds the most use in Defense and Stamina Type Combinations.

Forge Disc - Karma

Main article: Forge Disc - Karma
A disc that supports Low Mode. Karma has 10 upward blades that create a downward force when rotating counterclockwise to increase mobility.
— Official Description

Karma is a DB Disc with ten upward sloping blades along its perimeter, meant to create Upper Force in Left-Spin and Down Force in Right-Spin. It is essentially the Dynamite Battle Layer System version of Nine. In theory, the blades increase the grip of the Beyblade on the stadium floor with Down Force and decrease the friction between the Beyblade and the stadium floor with Upper Force. In practice however, the effect is negligible and the blades reduce the Life-After-Death (LAD) of Karma. Due to its shape and weight distribution, Karma works best in Attack Combinations.

Performance Tip - Venture

Main article: Performance Tip - Venture
Venture is an Attack Type Driver that accelerates when the rubber around the tip touches the stadium floor. It moves aggressively around the stadium due to its flat tip and jagged claws.
— Official Description

Venture is an Attack Type Performance Tip that features a plastic flat tip with a rubber ring. The flat tip causes aggressive movement, similar to Accel. In theory, when a Venture combination tilts and touches the Stadium floor, movement would increase and become more aggressive, delivering stronger hits. In practice, due to the specific angles needed for the rubber to make contact with the Stadium floor, Venture performs inconsistently and is difficult to control.

Venture is compatible with the V Gear Evolution Gear. When attached, the V Gear increases weight and Life-After-Death (LAD). In addition, the V Gear compresses the spring of Venture, increasing Burst Resistance to a level above Dash Drivers.



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