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Ataru Okinaka (KANJI, ROMAJI) is a character appearing in the anime series, Beyblade Burst Evolution. He is the bey trainer for Sunbat United and was hired for his advanced skills by Wakiya Murasaki.


Ataru is a young boy with bright red hair and blue eyes. He wears a beige jacket with a dark blue shirt underneath, and is never seen without his beyblade analyzer.


Ataru is very passionate about being a bey trainer, and loves thinking about how to best improve each and every bey. He is also proud of how he had helped Wakiya evolve his Wild Wyvron into Tempest Wyvron 4Glaive Atomic.

According to Hoji, Ataru has proven himself to be a phenomenal strategist, which is why Wakiya hired him.


Beyblade Burst Evolution (anime)

Opponent Episode Result
Xander Shakadera 27




  • Ataru looks very similar to Akio from the previous Beyblade Burst series. They share the same hair color and eye color.