Attack is one of three main types of Beyblades in the Beyblade hobby. Attack-type beys are known for their quick speed and hard-hitting attacks, as well as having a rather poor Stamina. In every Beyblade series (except Beyblade Burst Turbo), the main protagonists, Tyson Granger, Gingka Hagane, Zyro Kurogane, Valt Aoi, and Dante Koryu along with the former antagonists Ryuga and Sakyo Kurayami are widely known for using Attack-types. Other characters who use Attack-Types include Daichi Sumeragi, Masamune Kadoya, Robert Jürgens, Garland Siebald, Daigo Kurogami, Lui Shirosagi, Xander Shakadera, Xavier Bogard, and Laban Vanot.

The goal for Attack-Types are to defeat the opposing Beyblade by either depleting all of its Stamina or by forcing a knockout (KO), sending the opponent flying out of the stadium. They must accomplish this in a very short amount of time, since Attack-Types heavily rely on makery-fast Blade Bases (Plastics), Running Cores (HMS), or Performance Tips (MFB) with little stamina. Attack-types also tend to use Attack Rings (Plastics and HMS) or Fusion Wheels (MFB) designed with spikes and protrusions throughout for a violent appearance in order to deal the most damage to the opponent.

Due to this, Attack-types generally dominate Stamina-types because despite their inherent impressive Stamina, the latter is usually very lightweight and thus easy to KO. Though Attack is one of the three main types in the metagame, they are not usually seen in tournaments as often as Defense and Stamina-types.

Another disadvantage for Attack-types is that many wheels have dangerously high recoil, which can result in their own demise due to self-KO. Recoil can be lowered by using a Metal Face Bolt (preferably a Metal Face 2 with the heavy combination).

Recommended Original Series Combos


  • AR: Triple Wing, 8 Spiker, Triple Tiger, Upper Dragoon
  • WD: 10 wide
  • BB: Storm Grip Base, SG metal flat 2


  • AR: Samurai Upper
  • WD: CWD Defense Ring
  • RC: Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode)

Recommended Metal Fight Attack Combos

  • MF-H Flash Orion CH120/BD145RF/R2F
  • MF-H Variares CH120/R145RF/R2F/LRF
  • MF-H Lighting L- Drago (Upper Attack Mode) BD145/90/85LRF/R2F/RF
  • MF-H Vulcan Horuseus/Byxis CH120/90/85RF/R2F/LRF
  • MF-H Blitz Kerbecs/Unicrono II CH120/90/85/H145R2FLRF
  • MF Fang Kerbecs 90/85/CH120RF/R2F/LRF
  • MF/MF-H Beat Lynx GB145RF/R2F/LRF
  • MF/MF-F Beat Lynx 85R2F/RF/LRF
  • MF-H Beat Lynx D125/CH120RF/R2F
  • MF-H Gravity Destroyer BD145/R145/S130/D125/T125/CH120/85RF/R2F/LRF/MF
  • MF-H Variares CH120XF/RF/R2F/LRF/MF
  • MF/MF-H Vulcan Anubis H145XF/MF
  • MF-H Spiral Pisces/Tempo/Uranus R145/CH120/90/85XF/MF/RF/R2F
  • MF Flash Blaze/Byxis/Hades CH120/T125/D125/125MF
  • MF-H Blitz Jupiter/Kerbecs S130WSF
  • MF-H Variares D125/CH120/T125WF
  • MF/MF-H Spiral Tempo/Pisces/Cygnus/Uranus F:D

Recommended Shogun Steel/Zero-G Attack Combos

  • MSF-H Wyvang Wyvang H145/GB145/CH120/SA/165RF/R2F/LRF
  • MSF-H Balro Balro CH120/W145LRF/RF/R2F
  • MSF-H Bahamdia Dragooon BD145LRF
  • MSF-H Ifraid Bahamdia SA165LRF/RF/R2F
  • MSF-H Pegasis Pegaisis R145RF
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