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  • Weight: 21 grams

The Attack Ring of this Beyblade is Advance Attacker. Its gimmick is a reversible Metal Frame. The Metal Frame separates from the ABS Caul so it can be flipped to provide Upper Attack ability or Force Smash attack ability. It is also characterized by being symmetrical, so the attack in left spin and right spin are equivalent. This versatility allows Advance Striker to be the best option for Upper Attack in left spin. In right spin however it is outclassed by Circle Upper (Death Gargoyle MS) and Samurai Upper (Samurai Changer MS). Even though they both possess a 20-degree slope, the length of Advance Attacker's is only 1.5 cm compared to the 2.5 cm of Samurai Upper and Circle Upper. This variation of 1 cm makes a noticeable difference to the amount of lift capable. The Force Smash feature is very useful if paired with an effective RC since 20-degree slopes make it one of the most pronounced force smash attack rings available. Uncustomized, its potential remains untapped since Metal Flat Core's height is to low to utilize it.

The ABS Caul is a fairly conservative shape, it is nearly a full circle with three small triangular protrusions, and most of the contact is made by the Metal Frame. Other than some wear on the protrusions, the rest of the ABS Caul will receive minimal damage. Its circular shape also allows for better balance.

Another feature of this AR is its size/weight ratio; weighing in at 21 grams Advance Attacker is the second heaviest attack ring in the category for compact Attack Rings. This weight combined by its small shape allows it to be a good choice for compact customizations. The only AR to weigh more and be as small is Jiraiya Blade (Jiraiya MS); but the difficulty obtaining that blade leaves Advance Attacker as a more viable option for most bladers. Other ARs like Metal Ape's (Magical Ape MS) are more compact, but weigh less.

Use in Upper Attack Customization[]

Advance Attacker can be used effectively in Upper Attack customs in both left and right spin.

Use in Force Smash Customization[]

With a taller RC, the Force Smash mode of Advance Attacker is perfect for Force Smash customs.