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Advance Balancer is an Attack Ring released as part of the Hard Metal System. It debuted with the release of Advance Averazer on March 27th, 2004.


  • Weight: 15 grams

This Attack Ring has a gear shaped metal sub-ring. This sub-ring has a perfect circle form, able to maintain good Defense. The gear shape makes it very good for stealing spin. It is able to steal spin almost perfectly. The ABS caul has 3 wings, about the same diameter as the metal subring. The three small spikes between these wings have very little effect on the AR. Advance Balancer has quite good balance due to its form. It can be seen as an upgrade from the Metal Saucer (Gaia Dragoon MS) attack ring- although it uses the same Metal Frame, the ABS Caul has been designed with two small slots underneath to secure it and prevent rattling.

Another advantage is weight. This AR is about 1g heavier than Metal Saucer (Gaia Dragoon MS). The increase in weight comes from the ABS Caul- while Metal Saucer has a hollowed ABS Caul, Advance Balancer's ABC Caul is almost completely solid. The areas underneath two of the small spikes are hollowed out, but this does not apply for the third spike.

Use in Spin Stealing Customizations[]

The main usage of this AR is for spin stealing combos. You can change your spin direction just by loading the G-Winder through the other slot in the shooter. Here is an example:

Select your core depending on the situation. If you expect to see more attackers and older stadiums or Tornado Balance Type S, you should select Bearing Core 2 to prevent knock out. If you expect to see defense or survival type Beyblades and stadiums like Tornado Balance or Tornado Attack, you should select Bearing Core as it has better survival than Bearing Core 2.

Use in Survival Customization[]

This is another survival type customization. However, the main purpose of this combo is to counter upper attackers. The AR has quite good balance. CWD was chosen to defend against lower Beyblades. A heavier CWD would allow for a higher spin rate, as with the Metal Sharp core.