Attack Ring - Cross Dranzer is a Attack Ring released as part of the Magnacore System. It debuted with the release of Dranzer V2 on 2003.


  • Weight: 6 grams

The AR of Dranzer V2 is completely symmetrical. It was designed in the shape of an oval with two wings in the shape of short right triangles and the letter 'V' incorporated between them on both sides of the AR. The two wings slope away from each other, and these slopes give the AR some Upper Attack. However, unlike the long slopes of Master Dragoon's AR, Upper Dragoon, Cross Dranzer's aforementioned slopes are quite short in comparison, decreasing it's ability to lift the opposing Beyblade as effectively.

Use in Upper Attack Combos

The short slopes on the wings of Dranzer V2's AR give it somewhat effective Upper Attack in both spin directions. Here is an example:

  • AR: Cross Dranzer (Dranzer V2)
  • WD: Wide Defense
  • SG: Neo-Left SG/ Neo-Right SG
  • SG Core: Heavy Metal Core Metal Driger
  • BB: Storm Grip Base (Dragoon S)

This customization is useful for defeating both Survival and Balance type customizations. It destabilizes the opponent, causing them to floorscrape, which allows this combination to win by outspin.



Takara Tomy



Takara Tomy




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