• Weight: 4.3 grams

Cross Horn is a four-winged Attack Ring which bears a heavy resemblance to Turtle Survivor (Master Dranzer/Metal Draciel). Each wing is preceded by a counterclockwise-facing ram's head design, and compared to Smash Turtle, the heads on Cross Horn are much more smoothly curved, and connect fully to the wings behind them. The tips of each wing are large and rounded, greatly reducing their Smash Attack in right spin compared to the much sharper Turtle Survivor, and despite its smoother profile (particularly in left spin), the size of these protrusions means they protrude past even Wide Survivor to a significant degree, creating an amount of Recoil and rendering it less effective for Zombie customization, to the point it is outclassed by even second-tier Zombie ARs such as Wing Upper and Bearing Gyros AR.

While the sturdier design makes the black versions significantly less fragile than Turtle Survivor, the availability of much more common and effective parts like Scissor Attacker and Tiger Defenser means there is little reason to use such a rare part.

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