Eight Spikes is a Attack Ring released as part of the Engine Gear System. It debuted with the release of Dragoon G.


  • Weight: 5 grams

Eight Spikes takes the form of four dragon heads followed by slightly smaller fins, for a total of eight contact points. Each one of its eight well-spaced, well-shaped contact points is further enhanced by small spikes, adding Spike Attack to its already prodigious Smash Attack. Despite its hyper-aggressive profile, Eight Spiker is low on Recoil, and is capable of exceptionally clean knock outs at any stage of a battle.

It is therefore one of the best left spin Smash Attack ARs. However, being effective in left spin only comes at a cost: it is unable to make use of Grip Base, the fastest low-height base. Additionally, its lack of any Upper Attack slopes means that it has more trouble outspinning opponents when using bases such as SG Metal Flat 2. Nonetheless, it is an excellent Smash Attack AR, commonly considered the best Left-Spin Smash AR, and is, at the very least, a strong contender for this title.

Use in Smash Attack Customization

In this custom, Eight Spiker's consistently powerful Smash Attack is enhanced in a couple ways: by the outwardly focused weight of Wide Defense–which increases movement speed–and by the additional lower Smash Attack provided by the Fin Tectors, which is useful given the slightly tall nature of Customize Grip Base.





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