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Flying Defense is a Attack Ring released as part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Trypio.


  • Weight: 7 Grams

As the name suggests, the Takara version of Flying Defense is able to fly. Hasbro removed this ability and made some other changes. (For more information see Mold Variations below) The width of Flying Defense is 8.84 cm wide (3.50”) and is too large to be thrown out of stadiums such as the Tornado Balance Type S and many others. For this reason, it may be useful to use the Hasbro version with a low base, such as Dragoon S's Storm Grip Base, so it cannot be knocked off balance by an Upper Attacker easily. If this AR is on a tall base, it can get knocked off balance causing it to scrape across the stadium floor and stop spinning. Flying Defense is quite breakable which is another reason not to use it competitively.

Mold Variations[]

Hasbro removed the ability to fly as well as the three attacking points leaving a totally circular AR. This does not provide any more use than the Takara version as while it suffers less Recoil, it still suffers badly from its incredibly poor stability.

Use in Hasbro Stadium Attack Customization[]

Because of Trypio's wide attack range, it can be used effectively to some extent with an attack based BB in a Hasbro stadium.

This custom was primarily used to defeat Survival type combos in Hasbro stadiums. With a high movement BB, like SG Metal Flat 2, this combo will bounce off walls and push the opposing Beyblade into the pockets. Because of the size of the AR, it will not be able to KO itself. Obviously, this would not be effective against Defense-type combinations since they will be able to endure the hits. Attack-types are not this Beyblade's concern, and besides, experienced Bladers will usually not use Attack types in Hasbro stadiums.