Attack Ring - Panther Head is a Attack Ring released as part of the Magnacore System. It debuted with the release of Flash Leopard 2 on March 2002.


Panther Head gets its name from the three panther heads which make up the AR. In Right Spin, Panther Head's protrusions provide some Smash Attack, albeit competitively ineffective, and are subject to a fair amount of Recoil. When used in Left Spin, Panther Head is used to its full potential, providing powerful Smash Attack with its three attack points. These small areas gain additional power due to the thicker panther heads that provide some extra weight, and while this causes some Recoil in Left Spin, Panther Head is not considered to be a particularly Recoil-prone Attack Ring. The three attack points also have slight slopes, which, while not useful for Upper Attack, show a noticeable ability to destabilize. Interestingly, Panther Head, when used in Smash Attack Customizations, is better used in combination with a Ten Wide Weight Disk than a Wide Defense or Wide Survivor Weight Disk. This is due to the rather limited range of the attack points. While this may be a drawback, it is greatly overshadowed by the excellent Smash Attack Panther Head delivers, and should still be considered when building a Left Spin Smash Attack Customization.



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Takara Tomy




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