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Samurai Upper (サムライアッパー, Samurai Appā) is an Attack Ring released by Takara as part of the Hard Metal System as well as the Gimmick Specialty Series. It debuted in Japan with the release of the MA-20 Booster Samurai Changer MS on October 23rd, 2004.


When spinning clockwise, it performs an Upper Attack on opponents above itself, while also having excellent defensive performance due to the effect of its circular shape.
— Official Description

Samurai Upper is a circular Attack Ring that is an upgraded variant of the Circle Upper Attack Ring released with Dark Gargoyle MS, featuring the same metal component. The metal component features steep sloped upper blades. Like Circle Upper, when launched in right-spin, it is possible to perform an Upper Attack with the metal component, which acts as the main contact point. Compared to Circle Upper, the plastic component of Samurai Upper is wider, creating a more aggressive shape that increases Attack potential. The additional plastic also creates the ability to perform Smash Attack, which Circle Upper could not. This is in part because the wider plastic component increases the attack ranger of the Attack Ring, making it easier for a Samurai Upper combination to make contact with an opponent. The stickers on the plastic component feature the words "Samurai Edge" and the Kanji "武" (meaning "martial").

The circular shape of Samurai Upper creates excellent weight distribution that supports centrifugal force and increases Defense potential. Due to this and its heavy weight, Samurai Upper also excels in Defense combinations. At 22 grams Samurai Upper is the heaviest Attack Ring, alongside Jiraiya Blade. Because of the sloped shape of the metal component, the type of Attack will vary heavily depending on the spin direction that a Samurai Upper combination is launched in. While in right-spin, Samurai Upper can generally make use of a mix between Smash Attack and Upper Attack. While in left-spin, due to the sloped shape, Samurai Upper can only produce Smash Attack, although to a very effective degree.

Use in Attack Combinations

Samurai Upper is the most popular Attack Ring for Attack and is generally used with the CWD Defense Ring Weight Disk and Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode) Running Core.

Use in Defense Combinations

The circular shape and heavy weight of Samurai Upper makes it an excellent choice for Defense combinations. It can be used with the CWD God Ring Weight Disk and Bearing Core 2 Running Core.


Samurai Upper, along with its predecessor Circle Upper, are the two best Attack Rings in the Hard Metal System, mostly due to the metal component. Samurai Upper is primarily used in Attack combinations due to its excellent Attack capabilities in either spin direction. The additional plastic of Samurai Upper makes it better suited for Attack combinations, while Circle Upper is better suited for Stamina combinations, as the latter has less recoil. However, thanks to its excellent weight distribution and versatility, Samurai Upper can also be used to great effect in Defense, Stamina, and Balance combinations.

As such, Samurai Upper is a must-have for the WBO's HMS format.