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Seagon Attacker is a Attack Ring released as part of the Hard Metal System. It debuted with the release of Sea Dragon.


  • Weight: 22 grams

Seagon Attacker is one of the most unusual AR designs ever. The metal frame lays on top of the ABS Caul, the inverse of what all other HMS AR designs have. Going around the edge are metal walls with three bumps on each side to assist in deflecting attacks. In left spin, Seagon Attacker has two hammer heads that have incredibly strong Smash Attack that can often stop the opposing Beyblade in one hit if they make contact. However, the recoil is so high that most hits usually result in the Beyblade using Seagon Attacker to either stop or self-KO. For this reason, Seagon Attacker is generally not utilized.

Use in Smash Attack Customization[]

While not the best choice, you can build a Smash Attack combo using Seagon Attacker.

Use in Survival Customization[]

You can use Seagon Attacker to add Defense and Attack to your Survival-type combo.