Attack Ring - Shield Hammer is a Attack Ring released as part of the Engine Gear System. It debuted with the release of Draciel G on April 2003.


Weight: 6 Grams Shield Hammer is an attack ring built for defense. It is made up of two small projections opposite each other, taking the shape of turtle heads. Adjacent from those are two "claws" which are also opposite each other. These are the major components of the attack ring. Each "claw" has 3 diamond-shaped hexagons that lie on top of the claw and stick out just enough to create protrusions. However, these provide no substantial contact points and neglect any offensive capabilities they may been used for. Shield Hammer is rounded enough to provide limited defensive power, but is heavily outclassed by other parts. Furthermore, this beyblade has no attack capabilities otherwise, and being somewhat recoil-prone, is not recommended for serious play.


Draciel G's attack ring is viable for some smash attack, but is very prone to recoil damage. Also, Metal Ball is self-destructive and Final Clutch Base is mostly useless. Therefore, both parts are not encouraged for competitive play. This beyblade is very common online and tends to be a very cheap purchase. Still, this beyblade is useless for competition and should only be considered as a collectors item.


Takara Tomy



Takara Tomy




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