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Slash Upper is a Attack Ring released as part of the Hard Metal System. It debuted with the release of Slash Riger MS.


  • Weight: 18 grams

Slash Upper is the most useful part of Slash Riger MS. It is strong in not just one, but two types of Attack: Smash Attack and Upper Attack. The Metal Frame of Slash Upper has two steep Upper Attack slopes, both of which abruptly end with a blunt edge, giving it simultaneous Upper and Smash Attack in right spin. In left spin, Slash Upper loses its Upper Attack abilities, but retains its strong Smash Attack attributes in other areas; in the ABS Caul, along with the Metal Frame where an exposed piece of metal give it some Smash Attack in that direction.

Compared to Samurai Upper and Circle Upper, Slash Upper's attack range is in fact, smaller, but this should not be a detriment to its performance, especially in small stadiums like Tornado Balance Type S. However, one factor which could be considered a disadvantage in certain situations is its light weight compared to the other staple Attack based ARs. Two of the best ARs in the HMS series, Jiraiya Blade and Samurai Upper are both heavier by approximately four grams. Unless you are making a purely Smash Attack based custom, where weight is not of huge importance, generally, it would be a better idea to choose a heavier AR than Slash Upper. That being said, Slash Upper's versatility should also be considered when deciding on whether or not to use it.

Use in Upper Attack Customization[]

Slash Upper can be used to great effect in any Upper Attack based custom, with added Smash Attack.