Spark Dragon is a Attack Ring released as part of the Hard Metal System. It debuted with the release of Thunder Serpent


  • Weight: 14 grams

Spark Dragon has two separate parts, the Metal Frame and the ABS Caul. The Metal Frame sits on the inside of the ABS Caul and allows it to spin freely around it. The ABS Caul has three blunt contact points, along with a number of smaller ones which gives it some Smash Attack. The problem with Spark Dragon, and why no Blader should ever use it is because it is both free spinning and because all of the metal on the AR is from the Metal Frame, which will never come into contact with other Beyblades. Because the ABS Caul is free spinning, there will never be enough force to Smash an opponent, it will just continue spinning when hit. The TAKARA version of Spark Dragon can spark.





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