Attack Ring - Spike Dragon is a Attack Ring released as part of the Magnacore System. It debuted with the release of Dragoon V2 on December 2001.


Spike Dragon is a fairly thick Attack Ring, depicting four dragon heads and crests, each elevated slightly above the lower edge of the AR's central ring. The relatively smooth, curved edges that are formed by the brow ridges, top of the head, and crest of each dragon head lead back to abrupt, thick, flat vertical surfaces, resembling in form an exaggeration of its predecessor, Eight Attacker's, main contact points. These flat faces are the primary contact points of Spike Dragon in left spin and the source of its incredibly powerful Smash Attack. Furthermore, each of these contact points are augmented with four parallel vertical lines, which further improve the Attack Ring's power by focusing the force of its hits onto smaller areas; providing the Spike Attack which gives Spike Dragon its name.

However, while Spike Dragon is an extremely hard-hitting left-spin Attack Ring, it is hampered by the severe Recoil it suffers as a result of the wide, flat faces of its contact points. While the use of Spike Attack does negate this somewhat, the fact remains that this issue leaves Spike Dragon only effective as a OHKO AR, albeit one of the more competitive OHKO Attack Rings of the Plastic Generation.

The curved edges of each dragon head and crest form the main contact points of this AR in right spin. Due to the lack of significant contact points, and the fact that, while rounded in a defensive manner, the sheer size of each protrusion means they suffer from substantial Recoil, Spike Dragon has no competitive use in right spin.


Dragoon V2 introduced players to the highly acclaimed V2 generation and the use of Support Parts, and did so in a big way, encompassing many of the attributes that would make the series so popular with fans. The Attack Ring, Weight Disk, Spin Gear Core and Support Parts are all useful, if slightly outclassed, but the Blade Base alone makes this Beyblade a must have through its excellent performance in a wide range of Customizations, being a staple of more than one and arguably the most versatile Blade Base of the Plastic Generation. In addition to this, the Neo Left SG Casings are similarly vital parts, and the only other Beyblade to include them is the mediocre Dragoon V. As such, every Blader should own multiple copies of this Beyblade.


Takara Tomy

  • Dragoon V2


  • Dragoon V2





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