Star Wolf is an Attack Ring released as part of the Engine Gear System. It debuted with the release of Wolborg 4.


Star Wolf, as its name suggests, takes the form of a six-pointed star. Three of the points are shaped like wolf heads, with small notches at the tips reminiscent of a nose. The other three points are simple triangles with a bolt design at the base and do not extend out as far as the wolf heads. In both Right and Left Spin, Star Wolf will offer moderate amounts of Smash Attack, however, it also suffers from serious Recoil because of its contact points are not as defined and well-shaped as other, more competitive options. Because of this recoil, Star Wolf is not suitable as a Defense or Survival AR either. As a result, Star Wolf should only be used for Attack if superior options such as Cross Griffon, Eight Spiker, or Triple Tiger are not available.





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