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Triple Wing is a Attack Ring released as part of the Spin Gear System. It debuted with the release of Trygle.


The construction of Triple Wing mainly consists of three large spikes, with some inset notches strewn throughout. While the spikes are angled slightly upwards, the Upper Attack present is negligible. However, these spikes and notches make for excellent Smash Attack.

Triple Wing found its home among Smash Attack enthusiasts simply because it is so good and consistent at what it does. Recoil is a big problem with Smash Attack, but Triple Wing seems to rarely suffer from this. Enough surface area of Triple Wing is laden with attacking projections that it can consistently deliver critical hits and KOs to opposing Beyblades.

Use in Smash Attack Customization[]

Using a metal tip and the HMC, this combo has a strong movement speed, but also has enough Survival to deliver decent hits even as it's slowing down. The heavy weight allows it to move to the center quickly, rather than wasting energy circling the outside of the stadium. Wide Defense is a perfect match for Triple Wing; the notches work to increase Smash Attack, and the weight being focused along the outside increases momentum.

This combo is a bit riskier. Grip Base is incredibly quick and light, making it hard to aim and control properly. However, an early hit is almost impossible to survive. If your shooting ability is strong, you can make very good use of this combo.